Wednesday, 30 September 2009

Web Design

Initial Ideas for Homepage
Inspiration has come from illustrations take from the search.

Also research has been done into layout of existing websites. Wire frames to come.

Idea 1
Large illustration drawing of search imagery. Idea is when the page is loading each layer appears and builds on top of each other.

Illustration overpowers the text. Too big.

Idea 2
Leaves float down and settle in the place where they are seen. When in the mouse over state they become links to portfolio pages and spin.

To much going on. Better size. Needs refinement.

Idea 3
Birds run across the screen in layers. Building up so there is lots going on at once. Name and navigation bar appears at the bottom.

Simple. Could look quite good animated correctly??

Text is too small. Needs more on navigation bar. Grey too pale. Text too boring... try hand written, more illustrative style...?

Brand Identity

Revive, a brand created in response to the word tramp.

I associate the word tramp with re-use and recycling.

This company has these moral values and creates products that are not only good for you but are sustainable too.

Sketch Book work and Experimental drawing

A poster created using three words. An adjective, noun and place.


Las Vegas

The Rule Book

A hand made book based on a child's flip book, where various combinations of photographs can be arranged according to the viewer. Each separate rule, taken from Vanish Oxi Action Stain removal, has been carefully illustrated with photographs of found objects from a broken down home, in the sea side town of Whitley Bay.

Monday, 28 September 2009

Life Drawing

Developing my skills in drawing particularly in scale, proportion and tone. These images are continually added each week as my classes continue.
As I have never designed a website before I thought it was best to take a look at some websites I like in more detail. Here are some thoughts/inspirations.

Clean cut. Simple home page. Name is visible on every page. Creates strong brand. Clear navigation page. Like the use of black white and grey. Central layout works well.

Like howtype hand drawn, fits with his style of working. Like the use of drawn links/ boxes around cropped thumbnails. Simple layout- a range of mini thumbnails and one large image to focus on. His Illustrative style is clear. Navigation is easy with various buttons for different types of design.

Like the interesting logo. Splashes of colour. Lots of interesting work shown in small cropped thumbnails. Lots of colour/ interest. Simple layout. Good brief details on work/inspirations, interesting to veiwer

Like hand drawn logo. Textured background. Simple but effective navigation bar. Style of work is apparent.

Wednesday, 23 September 2009

Typographic Design

Adrian Frutiger- "the material of typography is the black, and its the designer's task with the help of this black is to capture space to create harmonious whites insides the letters aswell as between them"

Back to basics

An careful in depth study various elements of typography.

negative space
black and white
illustrating typographically

The Rule Book

Vanish Oxi Action stain removal
Removing "stains" from peoples' lives. In this case salvaging peoples belongings which have just been disregarded and forgotten about. Making them appear protected once more in this sterile clean environment.

The Search sketchbook work

Initial sketchbook ideas
Imagery inspired by the work of Rob Ryan.

The Search idea comes from work where the viewer has to really look hard to work out the narative behind the image. What is hiding beneath the imagery.

See if you can see what the bird has hidden...