Tuesday, 25 May 2010

Work Placement at Addison, London

Work experience placement at Addison, London 21st May-25th May 2010

Addison, a large corporate communications agency and one of the largest in Europe and has a fantastic reputations for its links with clients and the work it produces. I was luckily invited there for a week, working in the studio on certain client briefs to help the designers with the great work load. I have the up most admiration for them working long hours with very short deadlines to meet. Thanks to all those I met, I learnt a lot, really enjoyed myself and you all made me feel very welcome.

Work created at Addison Studios.

De Beers www.debeers.com

The brief was to create a new logo to launch a new campaign for De Beers diamonds, an international company famous all over the world. Because of the current recession De Beers wanted to remind its staff of their importance, creating a new logo that was positive and a driving force of the success of the companies future.

By using a simple tanagram i wanted to create a character in the form of a diamond miner to show the process of finding a diamond. The shapes all conform to the tanagram rules and are made up from shapes that create a complete square. The pieces all work together representing the company's ethos but highlight one particular piece, the diamond at the center. Each stage of the diamond process could be animated by rearranging the pieces to create a different character.

Hammerson www.hammerson.com

After a retail study between Hammerson and the retail outlets it manages, Hammerson identified six main areas that were vital to the success of the owner-occupier relationship. The brief was to create six icons that could be used across Hammerson's presentations to represent each of these key areas. They had to be simple, direct and communicate to a wide audience.

Hamlet Theatre Poster

Well its finally finished. I have used Marco lens to capture the detail of a human mouth to fit in with the disgusting texture of the ox tongue. Now the tongue is in context it no longer looks like a piece of meat which wasn't previously communicating very well to its audience.

Friday, 7 May 2010

The Big Brew

Well we have won the pitch to do redesign Traidcraft's Big Brew 2011 but the client has made a few changes. The overall feedback we got was they liked the doyle idea updating it from its British tea party past and felt it was versatile enough to be used in future Big Brews. This year the theme will be honey so we have to incorporate that as a subtle element into our design. Its quite exciting as there is a list of things a mile long to do including catalogue layouts, invitations, posters, CD covers etc that all will be a part of a promotional pack that will be sent to the community organiser.

However there are a few imitations to take into account. The advertising must be a one colour job, it must be printable on a home printer and the posters need to have an area where an organiser can write their own details without the need for a computer. Some re-thinking needs to be done...