Sunday, 8 August 2010

1977 Placement

Well after a month living in London and working at 1977 design studios I have learnt masses.

Thursday, 17 June 2010

Harry Potter covers

Harry Potter redesigned book covers in the Penguin book covers style. Love it!

Thursday, 10 June 2010

Struggle inc

great website, some fun logotypes and hand made fonts

Wednesday, 9 June 2010

Innocent Smoothies

I love this company's ethos and its products, thought you could take a look. This blog is an interesting read. Makes you smile.

Honey food packaging

Im busy designing some honey labels for a new brand of honey coming from Malawi. problem is i am not allowed to use any honey elements such as pots, honeycomb, bees, hives ect. :s bit of a problem but i will tackle it.

In my research I came across a great packaging website, with great bright eye catching ideas, but yet so simple.

Tuesday, 25 May 2010

Work Placement at Addison, London

Work experience placement at Addison, London 21st May-25th May 2010

Addison, a large corporate communications agency and one of the largest in Europe and has a fantastic reputations for its links with clients and the work it produces. I was luckily invited there for a week, working in the studio on certain client briefs to help the designers with the great work load. I have the up most admiration for them working long hours with very short deadlines to meet. Thanks to all those I met, I learnt a lot, really enjoyed myself and you all made me feel very welcome.

Work created at Addison Studios.

De Beers

The brief was to create a new logo to launch a new campaign for De Beers diamonds, an international company famous all over the world. Because of the current recession De Beers wanted to remind its staff of their importance, creating a new logo that was positive and a driving force of the success of the companies future.

By using a simple tanagram i wanted to create a character in the form of a diamond miner to show the process of finding a diamond. The shapes all conform to the tanagram rules and are made up from shapes that create a complete square. The pieces all work together representing the company's ethos but highlight one particular piece, the diamond at the center. Each stage of the diamond process could be animated by rearranging the pieces to create a different character.


After a retail study between Hammerson and the retail outlets it manages, Hammerson identified six main areas that were vital to the success of the owner-occupier relationship. The brief was to create six icons that could be used across Hammerson's presentations to represent each of these key areas. They had to be simple, direct and communicate to a wide audience.

Hamlet Theatre Poster

Well its finally finished. I have used Marco lens to capture the detail of a human mouth to fit in with the disgusting texture of the ox tongue. Now the tongue is in context it no longer looks like a piece of meat which wasn't previously communicating very well to its audience.

Friday, 7 May 2010

The Big Brew

Well we have won the pitch to do redesign Traidcraft's Big Brew 2011 but the client has made a few changes. The overall feedback we got was they liked the doyle idea updating it from its British tea party past and felt it was versatile enough to be used in future Big Brews. This year the theme will be honey so we have to incorporate that as a subtle element into our design. Its quite exciting as there is a list of things a mile long to do including catalogue layouts, invitations, posters, CD covers etc that all will be a part of a promotional pack that will be sent to the community organiser.

However there are a few imitations to take into account. The advertising must be a one colour job, it must be printable on a home printer and the posters need to have an area where an organiser can write their own details without the need for a computer. Some re-thinking needs to be done...

Friday, 30 April 2010

Development of each Recipie bag

Deadline is looming and I am developing the rest of the bag. I have used a fresh colour palelet to update a traditional market into todays consumer market. The  idea is that from a distance the grey is creates a pattern and compliments a large bright title of a popular Spanish dish. As you get closer you can see the actual words and can read (if you understand Spanish) the ingredients of that popular dish.

Due to the lack of time available to me I was unable to produce an illustration for each particular bag. This is something on my to do list that I would like to develop. Overall I like them as typographic pieces and think the work well as a set.

Sunday, 25 April 2010


Initial ideas for bag layout. This is proving difficult as designing for 3D surface is completely different to something flat. The idea here is that on the front there is one simple illustration of a tomoto that sums up the recipie of  Gazpacho. I have represented visually in type the recepie to create this cold tomato soup.

For example Gazpacho is made from 6 tomatoes, 3 peppers, an onion, olive oil, a lemon and lots of seasoning. The size of the text depends on the size and quantity of the elements. On this particular bag the ingredients are found in the green grocers as part of the market. These vegetables are layout out in strict rows as represented my the type on the bag.

Wednesday, 21 April 2010

Bag Illustration

These are a few sketches to accompany my text. I am hand setting all of my Spanish words and feel that this lose style of illustration will work well with the text.

I beginning to feel like simplyfying my work load in the creation of the bags may make my life much easier. Do i use words from the convosation between a trader and their customer, or should I represent the store in another way.

Using just the ingredients from a famous recepie in Spain may act as a suitable alternative.

Saturday, 17 April 2010

La Boqueria

After working on my portfolio, which by the way takes so much longer than you think, Barcelona has some what come to a holt. I have a got a solid idea though. I want to make bags that can represent each stall I came across in La Boqueria. They will include the authentic ingredients needed to make traditional Spanish dishes. Each will be put together in a set to create a market street scene themselves.

Thats the plan.

Below is the rough style i'm thinking about. I want to set my own type though.

Thursday, 8 April 2010

Theatre Poster 4

This image fits with the rest of the photographic posters but doesn't really communicate to the viewer. Yes this is really a cows tongue, disgusting I know.
This next poster is too fit with my scans but I'm still having trouble making it look like a tongue.
I'm trying to get a ghostly feeling with this poster, but still feeling like the communication is still not there.

Theatre Poster continued...

Just looking for some inspriration for my forth theatre poster. Hand in is appraaching so I'm getting round to doing the odds and ends to finish all my outstanding projects. Stress!

Came across some Polish poster designers including Saul Bass who's style is so simple yet so clever.

Sunday, 28 March 2010

H&M Barcelona

Great building currently inspiring my work in Barcelona. The only H&M store in the world with a completely different style to all the others. Designed by Javier Mariscal, a great designer.

Wednesday, 24 March 2010


Its the time of year when they are making me think about my dissertation! I have already gathered some primary research about Gaudi in Barcelona and think that's going to be my starting point. I need to narrow down my ideas though, that is going to be the hard bit.


My current brief is create a piece of work in response to a city of culture. After being in the city for a week here are my initial ideas.

Antoni Gaudi
Tourists, souvenirs
Barcelona architecture
La Boqueria-Barcelona Market
People taking photographs
City Streets


Here I'm looking for some inspiration for my next project. The brief is to create a response to the city in the form of 8 images, 4 billboard posters, a student guide or a personal dairy. At the moment I'm thinking imagery. I don't want to waste my images, there was 400 in all!

Initial Ideas

Taking pictures,
La Boqueria- Barcelona Market
Antoni Gaudi architecture

Monday, 22 March 2010

Barcelona Trip

This was a great chance available to me to meet many famous designers and see their studios. Staying there for a week was also brilliant as i could soak up the cities culture and appreciate the famous architecture.

Thanks to those designers who gave up there time for us.






Friday, 12 March 2010

The Big Brew Presentation

Today was the day of the final presentation with the Traidcraft client. Each group has to present their concept and ideas for the new promotional pack. Our presentation went well, and we got picked to go through to the next round. (Our work may get used next year!)

Client feedback
Enjoyed the presentation, set a good standard as the first team to present.
Liked the colour scheme.
Felt the logo would appeal to a new audience but would keep the existing market of Fairtrade volunteers. Could be versatile as images within the logo could change to include different Fairtrade produce.
Well produced applications, screen printed bags ect.
Felt white writing could be difficult to see, (was a concern but easily rectified).
Needed more reference to producer (again could be changed or added in a more informative piece of direct mail, not a problem).

Overall very positive,
we just have to wait and see!

Wednesday, 10 March 2010

Big Brew

Simple posters using each colour way of the logo. Simplicity also continues to the direct mail in the form of The Big Invite that is designed as a taster leaflet to be put in shops, through doors ect. More information is need in the form of a leaflet, (this is to come).

Wednesday, 3 March 2010

The Big Brew

We combined the elements of all 3 concepts and came up with a modernised doily as the basis of the campaign. We used bright colours to add a fun element and attract a new younger market. We then went on to screen print the applications below creating our very own pack that we could give to the client to take home with them.

We wanted to create large stickers that could be used according to the location of the Big Brew. Whether ths was on the wall or chalked on the floor. We also created bunting that coinsided with the English tea party theme was still updated to fit.

Thursday, 25 February 2010

Traidcraft Live Brief

This live brief lasted for three weeks an involved us to work in teams of four to re brand Traidcraft's Big Brew, as part of Fairtrade Fortnight. This involved research into everything Fairtrade and coming up with a way of attracting a new target market to Fairtrade without alienating the existing one. We needed to design a new promotional pack that could be sent out to volenteers wanting to host their own Big Brew. Our aims were to bring the community together in hosting a local event that could appeal to all with the underlying theme of getting people to try Fairtrade tea and ultimately swap their current brand to Fairtrade.

Find out more at:

Traidcraft. Fighting Poverty through Trade.

We had three initial concepts that we present to the client to get their feedback. In the end they like all three and found a way to combine the best bits!

1. The Producer- getting back to the roots of tea, the workers in the tea fields. Thinking about bold stamps on shipping crates, natural materials, natural colour pallet, recycling, environment ect.

2. Think Big- this time it was capturing the fun of the Big Brew with bold type, bright colours, giant cups and saucers, something with a big impact. Inspired by Pop Art and the work of Claes Oldenburg.

3. The Traditional British Tea Party- Something typically British, the theme was to bring the communities together like old times. Doilies, cups and saucers, cup cakes, table cloths, pastel colours, flags and bunting.

Saturday, 20 February 2010

More Theatre Posters

Posters created with the use of the scans which I feel has the impact I wanted. But now its the question of whether to use this style or the photographs done in the studio? The forth poster for Hamlet, I am still trying to fit the image of the tongue with the other posters.

Wednesday, 10 February 2010

Theatre Posters

This is me trying a different approach with photographing body parts. People at uni thought I was very odd. Above is a ox heart, (the size of a football), pig's eyes and an ox tongue (also completely huge). False teeth was also used as the focus for Twelfth Night.

Saturday, 30 January 2010

Shakespeare Posters

The idea was to sum up the play with a particular quote I felt was influencial to the play. I felt a common theme was the association with body parts. Inspired by Vaughan Oliver, i wanted to capture a line from the play in the form of a body part to shock and entise a potential viewer.