Friday, 30 April 2010

Development of each Recipie bag

Deadline is looming and I am developing the rest of the bag. I have used a fresh colour palelet to update a traditional market into todays consumer market. The  idea is that from a distance the grey is creates a pattern and compliments a large bright title of a popular Spanish dish. As you get closer you can see the actual words and can read (if you understand Spanish) the ingredients of that popular dish.

Due to the lack of time available to me I was unable to produce an illustration for each particular bag. This is something on my to do list that I would like to develop. Overall I like them as typographic pieces and think the work well as a set.

Sunday, 25 April 2010


Initial ideas for bag layout. This is proving difficult as designing for 3D surface is completely different to something flat. The idea here is that on the front there is one simple illustration of a tomoto that sums up the recipie of  Gazpacho. I have represented visually in type the recepie to create this cold tomato soup.

For example Gazpacho is made from 6 tomatoes, 3 peppers, an onion, olive oil, a lemon and lots of seasoning. The size of the text depends on the size and quantity of the elements. On this particular bag the ingredients are found in the green grocers as part of the market. These vegetables are layout out in strict rows as represented my the type on the bag.

Wednesday, 21 April 2010

Bag Illustration

These are a few sketches to accompany my text. I am hand setting all of my Spanish words and feel that this lose style of illustration will work well with the text.

I beginning to feel like simplyfying my work load in the creation of the bags may make my life much easier. Do i use words from the convosation between a trader and their customer, or should I represent the store in another way.

Using just the ingredients from a famous recepie in Spain may act as a suitable alternative.

Saturday, 17 April 2010

La Boqueria

After working on my portfolio, which by the way takes so much longer than you think, Barcelona has some what come to a holt. I have a got a solid idea though. I want to make bags that can represent each stall I came across in La Boqueria. They will include the authentic ingredients needed to make traditional Spanish dishes. Each will be put together in a set to create a market street scene themselves.

Thats the plan.

Below is the rough style i'm thinking about. I want to set my own type though.

Thursday, 8 April 2010

Theatre Poster 4

This image fits with the rest of the photographic posters but doesn't really communicate to the viewer. Yes this is really a cows tongue, disgusting I know.
This next poster is too fit with my scans but I'm still having trouble making it look like a tongue.
I'm trying to get a ghostly feeling with this poster, but still feeling like the communication is still not there.

Theatre Poster continued...

Just looking for some inspriration for my forth theatre poster. Hand in is appraaching so I'm getting round to doing the odds and ends to finish all my outstanding projects. Stress!

Came across some Polish poster designers including Saul Bass who's style is so simple yet so clever.