Friday, 27 November 2009


In the aid of "research" I travelled to London to visit the West End to soak up the atmosphere and do further research into my theatre project. I also discovered Harrods 70th anniversary celebration with the amazing theme the Wizard of Oz which ran throughout the store. Everything from window displays to decorating the whole building to look like Emerald City. Fantastic.

Sunday, 22 November 2009

KleanKill Rebrand

Developing a new brand image colour schemes, fonts, layouts and applying it to applications. I feel the mission statement sums up the feel of the company i wanted to put across.

Sunday, 1 November 2009

KleanKill Rebrand

A real in depth study into how the industry works in rebranding an existing company. Cleankill, an existing pest control company needed a new identity system to stand out from its competitors. The brief was to develop the right personalilty for this brand and communicate these values successfully in the form of various applications.

Here is the existing brandscape, personality and aspirational board.

Tuesday, 27 October 2009

Web Design critique

After displaying my website live to a group of people, the following issues have came to light. (Some which have been confirmed already in my mind but this session has definitely helped).

Constructive Criticisms

Font- If i want emphasise my "brand" of work as mainly illustrative, the hand written text works but not currently how it is seen at the moment. Currently hard to read in large clumps, needs more spacing. If hand written it would appear more personal but also achieve the legibility required.
Brand- Again to emphasise the brand, my name needs to be on each page to made clear to the user.
Visually bottom heavy- There is a lot of empty space at the top of the website. Layout may need tweaking to remove scroll bar and balance out areas of text and strong black lines with finer lines.
Contact page- Email address is again to small. Illustration needs tweaking to make it easier to read.

However the hole thing functions well, the navigation is simply categorised to the user and not a bad job for my first attempt! I'm quite pleased with myself after all this stressing.

Monday, 26 October 2009

Reflection of Website

Now my website is finally finished I now have time to reflect on my work.

I wanted to create quite a sketchy illustrative feel to my website which is in keeping with my work. I have tried to keep a theme through out, using hand written type and imagery created myself. The bird theme has come from a previous illustration project, The Search and therefore links to my portfolio.I have tried to keep a simple layout and navigation bar so it is easy to work my way around the website. There is also a strict colour scheme of black, white and grey; ( with a hint of green), in order not to detract from my work.

The navigation bar is simply split up into different categories about me and my projects. Each rollover differentiates a different project as well as the arrows to flick through work in that particular project. This currently is not functioning now but will happen when more work is uploaded to the site.

Improvements. After taking a proper look at my work, I can find a few things i want to change...
There are leaves missing on some pages therefore i will add them to make the website more consistent.
I think my name should be seen on every page to always identify with the viewer.
Flicking through work may look more professional with a light box behavior?
The text I have written in Bio should be in 1st person to make my website more personal and less formal.
The label on my Contact page should be bigger as the lettering is harder to read this small.
Maybe my blog address should be clickable instead of the screen shot?
The spiel written on the porfolio pages may be hard to read quite small. Possible change of font required?

So quite a few changes then!

Life Drawing

Tonights life drawing class was the last. Here is what i created: some quick two minute drawing and one 30 minute drawing and one 10 minute drawing. I'll let you decide!

Saturday, 24 October 2009


After a lot of nightmares about this website i am finally getting there. The logic finally came and a website was created! So happy!

Saturday, 17 October 2009

The brief was to research the life of Marcel Breuer and create a film in homage to him. It was largely one idea that inspired him to make his most famous pieces of work. It was Breuer riding his bike to work in Germany, that gave him the idea that bending tubular metal made stylish yet functional furniture that was strong and as hard wearing as his own bicycle. As I was paying homage to him, I wanted to include as much of his personal style as possible, including any specific materials and artistic influences.
In my animation, the viewer follows the bicycle on its journey through town to the Bauhaus. It passes busy shopping streets, various building and environments. Throughout this journey the bike is influenced by its surroundings, and when it reaches its destination it is inspired in the form of three coloured lines.

Friday, 16 October 2009


What a nightmare trying to work this programme Motion. But i'm getting there. Will post the 2 minute miracle when i finish it. Here are some screen shots for now and a tiny clip...

OK I have tried posting the tiny clip. But its too big and yet again doesn't work for me so ill will try exporting later.

Finally i got it too work. Please take a look

Thursday, 8 October 2009

Freddie and George

My new life long friends

still do not have a solution for this project... oh dear.

A project titled The Body. I really find the shapes of the skeleton interesting. This is my starting point. Also my visit to the hatton gallery has gave my the inspiration to look at different types of skeleton.

Wednesday, 7 October 2009

Web Design pages

Wire frames for my own website

Each page will be a white rectangle mounted on a textured background. Everything the viewer will look at will be inside this box. The colour scheme will will compliment the bird drawings using a black, white and greys.

Home page
One large illustration with the bird theme. Possibly animation of birds walking across the screen. The Navigation bar will stay at the bottom of the screen in each page so the viewer can easily explore the website.

Illustration, Photography, Corporate Branding portfolio pages
These will all be the same layout to keep a consistency throughout the website. Each small square will be a different project and when clicked on further images will appear in the larger square to its right. Right and left arrow are to navigate all of those images in that project. Information will support the project. For example explaining brief.

Bio (biography)
A page just to explain a bit about my background and my influences.

Large image will display one of my own illustrations, a bird holding a note with my contact details displayed.

Links to my lovely blog! This showing my influences, things i like at that particular time and my views on other peoples' work.

Monday, 5 October 2009

How to make a cup of tea...

A flowchart diagram in order to think about all the processes and decisions made when simply making a cup of tea.

The Search, final images

A series created by the movement of the bird and its collection of precious objects.

Wednesday, 30 September 2009

Web Design

Initial Ideas for Homepage
Inspiration has come from illustrations take from the search.

Also research has been done into layout of existing websites. Wire frames to come.

Idea 1
Large illustration drawing of search imagery. Idea is when the page is loading each layer appears and builds on top of each other.

Illustration overpowers the text. Too big.

Idea 2
Leaves float down and settle in the place where they are seen. When in the mouse over state they become links to portfolio pages and spin.

To much going on. Better size. Needs refinement.

Idea 3
Birds run across the screen in layers. Building up so there is lots going on at once. Name and navigation bar appears at the bottom.

Simple. Could look quite good animated correctly??

Text is too small. Needs more on navigation bar. Grey too pale. Text too boring... try hand written, more illustrative style...?

Brand Identity

Revive, a brand created in response to the word tramp.

I associate the word tramp with re-use and recycling.

This company has these moral values and creates products that are not only good for you but are sustainable too.

Sketch Book work and Experimental drawing

A poster created using three words. An adjective, noun and place.


Las Vegas